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Couple things:

We had this show for Matt’s birthday the other day and I made the flyer.  It was really great and every band was tons of fun.  Check them out if you haven’t heard them!





Speaking of The Young Leaves, I also made this NEW TSHIRT!

Message them and figure out how to buy it!  I’m wearing it right now and its THE COMFIEST SHIRT EVER.  Also, it makes you look way cooler then you actually are.

Last note, check out this band featuring members of Cheeky/Used Kids/Seasick: BIG EYES

They are really good powerpoppy kinda rock n’ roll stuff.

See you never!


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Summertime, soak up the sunshine with you…



For all of you patiently waiting for me to blow your minds with a radical new mixtape for your summer drives, WAIT NO LONGER.  Just in time for the 4th of July comes 30 tracks of music to stick your arm out of the car window to and get a totally awesome half sunburn.  Everything on here is of the genre AWESOME (punk/indie/garage/lofi/surf/pop/wordsblahblahblah).  Totally check this out, brah.



Tracklist for you blindys:

1. Girls – Summertime

2. Night Birds – Killer Waves

3. Carbonas – September Gurls

4. Young Governor – Cindy’s Gonna Save Me

5. The Closet Fairies – Posi Summer Song

6. Jay Reatard – It Aint Gonna Save Me

7. Death – Rock n Roll Victim

8. Georgian – Man Warrior

9. Black Wine – Belong

10. Jonsi – Go Do

11. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Everything With You

12. Marvelous Darlings – I Don’t Wanna Go to the Party

13. The Measure (SA) – Roof Beers

14. The Marked Men – Whip Me

15. The Gaslight Anthem – Orphans

16. Maine Coons – Hey Dickhead

17. White Wires – Stayed Up Late

18. Busy Signals – Stereo

19. The Pillowfights – Buzz Buzz

20. The Exploding Hearts – Rumours in Town

21. Cults – Go Outside

22. The Nerves – Hanging On the Telephone

23. Shang-a-Lang – Summertime

24. P.S. Eliot – Bear Named Otis

25. Shook Ones – Silverfish

26. Harlem – Be Your Baby

27. Mean Jeans – Stoned to the Bone

28. The Shitty Limits – I’m a Square

29. Buzzcocks – No Reply

30. The King Kahn and BBQ Show – I’ll Be Loving You

Second:  speaking of The Pillowfights (they’re in the mix silly) they recently played this show at my house.  The flyer features BCR and Dr. Tiger looking quite dapper:

In case you were wondering, it was really awesome.  The Pillowfights and Smokejumper are both fan-fucking-tastic bands and the nicest people on Earth.  Do yourself a favor and check them out.

The Pillowfights! (the song Get Outta Here is seriously incredible)

Smokejumper! (Chris Crusher, good dude, owes us a new bench)

Some pics from it (it was a semi-formal by the way):

You missed out.

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You’ll abhor me…

Hey I never update you blog, I am a bad blog owner.  I’d probably be lying if I said more updates in the future.  Here’s to wishful thinking!

Come to this shit on Monday! It’s going to be wild.

Lemuria (NY), The Tattle Tales (also NY), The Credentials (MA), and Billy Raygun (Mars)
Also, come to this tomorrow:

I have a bunch of stuff I could scan in.  Its going to require me being less lazy though.  LOVE YOU BYE.

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I don’t miiiiiiind…


I’ll try to update this more, but I always say that and it never happens.  Maybe if I say, “I won’t update this ever” it’ll get updated more.

Here are some things!

This is a picture I did for a flyer for a show at our humble abode:


Here is the whole flyer (its in French because I think I’m funny):

It already happened, and it was fun.

More shows @ SH5: April 30th – Halfway to Halloween, May 1st – Black Wine/What Happened?/Young Leaves/1TBA, May 7th – The Measure [SA]/More TBA, June 7th – Lemuria, The Tattle Tales, The Credentials, Billy Raygun, June 20th – The Pillowfights, Smokejumper, Billy Raygun, Georgian.

Expect flyers for all of these.

I’m listening to the Buzzcocks all day today because I’m psyched to go see them at the Paradise in Boston May 17th.  I can’t believe they still play, and according to Bovio and other accounts, they still rip.  Here is some stuff by them!

Another Music in a Different Kitchen (1978)

Love Bites (1978)

Listen, enjoy.  They’re one of my favorite bands ever.  If you have never heard them, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??

Lastly, here is my band’s demo.  Fast, angry hardcore from New Hampshire.  Hope you like it!


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When I Look at You…

My Blood Valentine is great.  Dreamy, poppy, fuzzy rock.  Listen to this song while you read my post.

Here are a bunch of pictures I took with my brand new Holga (thanks Sarah).  The first batch is from my first roll and its just me messing around with double exposures and seeing how the camera works.  The scans are super shitty, so bear with me.

These next ones are from the birthday show at SH5.  I only used the color flash.  Zander took the ones that I’m in.



Condensed Flesh:


Billy Raygun:

Adult Braces:

I’m happy with the way they turned out.  I wanted them to be dirty and gritty and lo-fi and they certainly are.  Expect more in the future.

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Once Again We’ve Lost the Role to Boredom and Late Nights on the Radio…

We here at SH5 have been really starting to get momentum to make Boy Commander Rex actually happen.  In order to do that we’ve been discussing various aspects of the character, drawing characters in the world, and immersing ourselves in things we like that we could use for it.  I’d like to take some time to show some of my personal influences, artistic and thematic.

First and foremost,

Calvin and Hobbes

by Bill Watterson

I want nothing more than to accomplish what Bill Watterson has done.  He has created a world that is poignant, hilarious, and completely true to life.  He fits in his own fantastic social critiques through the vessel of Calvin.  He appeals to children as well as adults.  The comic is enormously imaginative and perfectly illustrates a young, lonely boy’s thoughts.  And on top of all that he has GORGEOUS artwork.  His beautiful, colored, big Sunday editions were the only reason I picked up newspapers when I was a kid.  Hell, it would still be the reason now if it was still going.  He did amazing things with composition and really pushed comics forward.  I can only hope to achieve a fraction of his artistic success.  I see much of Calvin in Boy Commander Rex; mischievous, lonely, and lost in his own imagination yet adventurous, idyllic, and virtuous.



by Kazu Kibuishi

I recently purchased a collection of this webcomic, and that is actually the reason why I’m posting this.  I felt so inspired after finishing it.  Kazu certainly also looks up to Bill Watterson’s work as Copper practically breathes Calvin and Hobbes.  It is also a very whimsical social critique, similar to C&H, and highly imaginative.  The art is gorgeous.  Simple, but breathtaking.  Also, being a former Graphic Designer, Kazu has an excellent grasp on composition and layout making the comic even more visually dynamic.  I’d like to emulate the whole “anything goes” imaginative aspect of this work.  There isn’t really a cohesive storyline, but there are recurring characters and themes.  There are little vignettes into the adventures of a boy and his dog.

Adventure Time


by Pendelton Ward

I know I talked about this cartoon yesterday, so I’ll keep it short.  I have loved the pilot of the cartoon for a long time now.  It also carries the sort of whimsical, child-like, adventurous themes that I am going for with BCR.  It also has a very simple, but effective and (more importantly) fun, approach to animation.


by Christy Karacas, Stephen Warbrick, and Ben Gruber

Less having to do with the thematic elements of the show, and more on the animation.  This is a wonderful piece of animation.  Everything flows into each other beautifully and horrifyingly.  Karacas does AWESOME things with perspective and scene transition.  Check out this video by Karacas and Warbrick entitled Barfight.

Ren and Stimpy

by John Kricfalusi


Again, not so much on the theme, but the animation.  John K. rarely used the same expressions twice and his range was incredible in this show.  I also enjoy the way the show is put together, two shorts with random funny bits in between, and would probably use a similar format for a cartoon series of BCR.  The characters on this show are just so…animated.  Even when they’re just standing there, motionless.  It’s something I’d really like to capture, and BCR COULD use a bit of the crude humor that Ren and Stimpy are so well known for.

The Simpsons

By Matt Groening

Simply because of the incredibly heart, intelligence, and cultural awareness this show has/had.  Also, it had pretty good animation in the middle seasons.  I don’t personally like the new, polished, computer generated look, but whatever.  Count Futurama as an influence as well.  Both shows just make you genuinely love and care about the characters so much.  This is probably my favorite cartoon of all time, so naturally I’m going to look to it for guidance.

Venture Bros.

by Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer

The Tick

by Ben Edlund

Both these creations are not only fantastically drawn/animated, but have a great sense of humor.  They are self-parodying comic book type characters.  I love all the pop culture references.  Most importantly, the creativity with villains and other characters.  These guys can bust out the most ridiculous characters and still have them work.  This is very important to Boy Commander Rex.

Well, that’s it.  Have a good day.

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I wonder if fries come with that shake…

HELLO!  I am in a better mood today because ADVENTURE TIME is finally coming out!!! I’ve been so excited that I’ve been reading the production blogs all morning and flipping through storyboards.  It’s everything I could ever want in a cartoon.  Apparently it premiers March 10, 2010 but the promo just says 2010.  Check out these blogs for up to date Adventure Time art and News!

Adventure Time Art Blog

Frederator’s Adventure Time Blog

Anyways, on to some stuff made be me!

First up, NEW FLYER!!!!

January 17th, 2010 at the Slaughterhouse 5: Dolarhyde, Jettison, Fake Boys, Georgian.  Come out, support the scene, have fun!

These next drawings are stuff from this week in my sketchbook/pieces of paper I find on the floor:

Sit next to him already!

(wordpress is being a butt head today, so these pictures might not work.  I’ll try to fix them)

To leave you, here is the original Adventure Time pilot!  Enjoy!

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