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Your Heart is a Hemophiliac…



Open Mic Night for Apotheca in Goffstown.  Not sure if I ever uploaded this.  WHERE’S MY MONEY COREY? HMMM?

I may have already uploaded this one too.  NO CARE EVER.

This show was really awesome.  AND I really liked most of this flyer.

Definitely one of my favorites

Definitely NOT one of my favorites.  Tried something different, failed.

Sticker design that never got made.

Drawing for a Billy Raygun shirt D SOL and I did behind the rest of the bands’ backs.  Take that.

Here’s the finished product:

Ask me if you want one.  Hand screen printed on whatever you want.

Poster for WUNH’s Hi-Fi (weird star) Fest.  Colors are off because its a shitty JPEG.  If you want the real version lemme know.

Front and back (it’s a gatefold cover silly) of the upcoming Billy Raygun/Lipstick Homicide split.  Photograph of Sephie, my floor, and words all by me.  Help by D Sol.  Edited digitally with Photoshop.  Nothing is digital besides the black and white and halftone effects.  Pretty neat.

I also did the layout for the inserts and the labels on the vinyl, with Bill Pinkel providing the other set of art.  The release is a ‘reversible’ LP jacket with two entirely different covers on each side.  YOU choose which one you want to display!  SUCH POWER!!  Screen printed by Shout Out Loud and should be available June 14th.

That’s it for today.  I have been incredibly lazy/burned out since doing all this stuff.  We have some shows coming up, so expect more flyers.  I also have a finished first Boy Commander Rex comic I haven’t uploaded since it hasn’t been released.  The second one is getting started.

HEX DISPENSERS – My Love is a Bat (OFFICIAL VID) from Jon on Vimeo.


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You drive me ape you big gorilla…

Check out this flyer I made this morning!  And then after you check it out, come to this show!

Kepi Ghoulie performing acoustic and Courtney from The Lanterns playing acoustic.  It’s for free and Adelles has delicious coffee so you should come and hang out.



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Here is some stuff.  I don’t have much to say today.  Fantastic birthday party this weekend with only a few minor incidents.  Thank you if you came.

Flyer for Tom Rice and Keith Fords YADDA YADDA BUTTONS

Good prices, good dudes, good times.  Get buttons from them.

And the final Blockhead design that I apparently forgot I did.  Sorry.

Thanks, bye!

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He holds his tongue like he holds his liquor…

Woo no updates in a while, eh?  Sorry.

Here is a layout I did for the neighbors band Condensed Flesh.  It’s for their demo tape coming out soon.  Karen did the drawings and they fucking rule.  Little Andy did the hand drawn letters.

And here is the cover of the Adult Braces demo tape in progress:

I’m psyched.

Things upcoming:  Some album art for some more bands, a neat flyer for Tom and Keith’s button company, and random dumb drawings!  I think there’s more things I’m supposed to be doing too.  Oh well.  BYE.

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I wonder if fries come with that shake…

HELLO!  I am in a better mood today because ADVENTURE TIME is finally coming out!!! I’ve been so excited that I’ve been reading the production blogs all morning and flipping through storyboards.  It’s everything I could ever want in a cartoon.  Apparently it premiers March 10, 2010 but the promo just says 2010.  Check out these blogs for up to date Adventure Time art and News!

Adventure Time Art Blog

Frederator’s Adventure Time Blog

Anyways, on to some stuff made be me!

First up, NEW FLYER!!!!

January 17th, 2010 at the Slaughterhouse 5: Dolarhyde, Jettison, Fake Boys, Georgian.  Come out, support the scene, have fun!

These next drawings are stuff from this week in my sketchbook/pieces of paper I find on the floor:

Sit next to him already!

(wordpress is being a butt head today, so these pictures might not work.  I’ll try to fix them)

To leave you, here is the original Adventure Time pilot!  Enjoy!

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No Guts, No Glory…

HEY I HAVEN’T UPDATED IN A WHILE.  NOT SORRY.  Lots of stuff happened this month.   Anyways here’s a flier/flyer/fleigher?

My house smells like bacon in such a good way.

More updates soon.  I’m gonna make a list of all the best albums in 2009 that you have to agree with or else I don’t like you anymore.  Maybe I’ll do that today.  I also have a done Blockhead design that I haven’t given them yet.  Also, MORE FLIERS!  We have 4-5 shows booked for the Slaughterhouse in the upcoming months.  Keep your eyes peeled, but don’t actually do that because it would probably hurt.

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It gets loneliest at night…

Here’s some Blockhead design I’m working on.  It’s not done yet, so don’t judge me.

This still has a bit of ways to go, but I think I like the layout.  I may add in some baby toys around the blocks.  Or re-do the blocks because I have a really shitty grasp on perspective when I’m just making it up.  Lots of changes will be made, but this is basically it.  Here are the two drawings separate.

The letters will probably be replaced for a cleaner looking machine made font.  WHAT A METAPHOR.




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