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I haven’t updated in a while.  I have a TUMBLR that I update more often, but with more things other than silly drawings.  That can be found here: http://tomlowell.tumblr.com/  Anyways, here is a whole lot of stuff.  I’ll update first with a bunch of sketches, and then maybe later with a lot of FINISHED stuff.  Or maybe I’ll do it all at once.  Here is my Moleskine pocket sketchbook in almost its entirety.  I picked it up somewhere iiiin Kansas City? and promised to sketch every day in it, which I totally didn’t do.  The first bunch are sketches from MO, AZ, NM, and CA and then the rest are from my new residence in Seattle, WA.  Enjoy!


Don’t take this or I’ll kick you in the dick.


After watching a LOT of Law and Order.


A conservatory in Roswell, NM and some directions somewhere because our GPS died MYSTERIOUSLY in Alien Town.


Soda fountain from Flagstaff, AZ and an octopus with some probable important information


My friend Chris Gaudette while he wasn’t paying attention, and a bum in Santa Barbara, CA


Random alien drawings that are stupid.  One is a cop or something.


Really terrible drawings somewhere in northern CA or OR. (OR OR)


Buncha heads floatin’ around and the record stores I visited on our trip across country.  GREEN NOISE IN PORTLAND IS THE BEST AND SINGLES GOING STEADY IN SEATTLE IS ALSO BEST.


Beer from a bar in Portland and ZORG from our hotel room in Kent WA which is a terrible place.


Bukowski portrait from a really depressing poetry book


Boy Commander Rex playing with an alien animal and directions somewhere


Creepy stuff!!


Brainstorming for stuff, but very poorly!


A magician and a guy with a tummy ache!


Human Centipede and some ideas for the New Warden album art I have pretty much completed


Phone guy on a bus


Creepy Boy Commander Rex


Dude dancin to some jamz





Drawing a lovely river and overhearing a bunch of drunk dudes looking for Peter.  They found him.  Also a fat cop lol.

That’s it for now.  I’ll post more later.




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Instead I’m just crazy…

Hey its been a while, huh?  This month has been stupid.  I’ve been completely uncreative and lazy, and on top of that my scanner broke, my house flooded, and I’ve been at work for most of the month.  OH WELL.

Here is a drawing I did for the upcoming show at SH5.  Nightbirds/Billy Raygun/Georgian/Adult Braces.  Deep Sleep dropped off, which sucks a lot.  We might be getting another band to replace them, but we’re not sure yet.  The flyer will be finished when the line up is complete.

March 26th, be there or be a dummy.

I have more drawings to scan in, but I’m not gonna do that today.  You’ll see them soon.

I’d like to talk a little about this comic, Mesmo Delivery, that I picked up on a blind buy.  It’s written and drawn by Rafael Grampa and it is FANTASTIC.  Buy it now.  Its a really quick read, but you can get lost for hours in the beautiful art.  Grampa’s line work is absolutely stunning.  The story is also really unique and full of twists.  I don’t want to post too much about it because its going to be more rewarding if you don’t know a lot about it.  I’ll just tell you it follows 2 dudes who are bringing a mysterious freight cargo somewhere.  Here is a taste of the wonderfullness:

Its got gore, humor, fantastic design and composition, and just absolutely lovely illustrations.  I can’t emphasize enough on how important it is for you to get this.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

I’ve purchased a shitload of records over the past week too, and I’d like to talk about them too.  Here is my recent record haul.

Not the metal band by the same name.  This is a fucking killer rock and roll record.  Originally recorded in ’74, its just recently seeing the light of day with this reissue.  If you like Bad Brains, MC5, The Stooges, and the like you’re gonna love this.  Unfortunately its only like 7 songs, but they rip.  There is a really cool story as to how this ended up getting reissued too.

Crime in Stereo’s latest effort.  Despite the awful album art, this is actually a pretty neat record.  They are all over the place on this one.  There are parts that sound like old CIS, Brand New, and even Nirvana.  The music has this space-y and dreamlike quality of it that was beginning to become apparent in “Is Dead.”  Despite how weird and electronic the music sounds, I guess it was all recorded without the help of synths or keyboards or anything like that.  I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit.

This is a great record. I had seen the video for “Lust for Life” by them and loved that song, so I picked this up.   Its like a fuzzy Beach Boys with Elvis Costello singing.  Its so unbelievably catchy and fun, while remaining a serious work and full of anger and sadness.  Most of the songs are about girls, losing them and whatnot.  I suggest checking them out if you like poppy, lo-fi, surf, or garage music.

Another awesome lo-fi rock and roll record.  If you’ve never heard these guys, change that immediately.  This sounds like its crawled its way up from the 60’s and dragged its belly across punk in the process.  They even cover “Operation” by The Circle Jerks.  HELL YES.

This is one of my favorite records of all time.  No Idea Records just reissued this and my other favorite, “Jersey’s Best Dancers” so needless to say I’m psyched.  I don’t have much to say about this.  Great melodic hardcore before it got hackneyed and overdone.  This band influenced every band today that has poppy hardcore songs but did it soooooo much better.  “The Gym is Neutral Territory” is one of my favorite tunes.

Cloak/Dagger play rock and roll infused old school hardcore.  Balls to the wall, fast, and full of riffs.  Awesome record.

One of the best bands doing music today.  I’ve already gushed a lot about them on here, so I’ll spare you.  This is the “License 2 Chill” 7 inch and its more awesome Ramones worship with catchy songs and fun lyrics.

Social Circkle’s new 7″.  It’s unfortunately only 2 songs and ones a Showcase Showdown cover, but its a great cover and the original song rips.   If you hate cops, and love garage-y hardcore then you’ll LOVE this.

Wes Eisold’s band before Cold Cave and after Some Girls.  It’s weird techno-dancey almost hardcore.  He screams a lot in it, and the songs are catchy.  It’s not a bad record, but it’s nothing I see myself listening to that often.

Later gator.

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If you wanna be honest…

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I really haven’t done shit in the past couple days.  I’ve been busy with other things and not having heat in my house.  ITS COLD.  Here is some stuff:

Is it redundant to use the halftone screen for a second tshirt?  I just think its a really effective and visually interesting way to create depth and shading while still allowing the design to remain one color.  It’s cheaper!  I just have to do the blocks now and its done.



I am in the middle, Matt and Courtney are not.

If you weren’t at my house yesterday you missed our totally awesometacular tattoo party.  WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!

and then this:

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Pincher Crabs Pinch at Your Sandals…

Early post today, because I think I’m busy all day and all night.  It’s gonna be another quick one, so sorry.

Here are some cool things to check out:

Arcade expressionism.  ‘Nuff said. Click on the picture to check out the rest.

This lady’s blog is also really nice.  She has a really cool drawing style that totally lends itself to animation real easily.


And then here’s a dirty little 8-bit animation.  The art is fantastic and the video is quite creative.  It’s very raunchy.  I would totally play this game.

And here’s a video of the Shook Ones because its what I’m listening to as I post this.  I don’t think I already posted this, but I might have.  SUE ME.

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