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Gimme Sopor…

Sorry I haven’t updated in a month.  However, NEVER FEAR!  I am back with a new post and I plan on doing this daily after I gorge myself with turkey and mashed potatoes tomorrow.  Comics/albums/drawings/cool stuff that I like and expect you to do the same.  Anyways here’s a couple fliers for shows I did in November.  They were tons of fun and you should have went.

Expect more of those as more shows come around this area.  We are also booking shows in our basement, so keep an eye out for those too.

Here’s a mixtape I made for the fall.  Now that its almost winter WHAT BETTER TIME TO LISTEN TO IT?  It’s about being depressed because the winter is coming and the winter sucks.  For fans of: Hardcore/pop punk/indie/folk/garage lo fi bullshit

part 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?maejhnayyw2

part 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?nklddy5ky5o


1. Misfits//Halloween

2. AFI//Fall Children

3. The Measure [SA]//Hello Bastards

4. The Beach Boys//You’re So Good to Me

5. Short Attention//Double Deuce

6. Social Circkle//What’s So Great?

7. The Marked Men//Fortune

8. For Science//Hibernation

9. Black Flag//Depression

10. Billy Bragg//A New England

11. Dr. Dog//The Rabbit, The Bat, and The Reindeer

12. Fucked Up//Baiting

13. Deep Sleep//Let Go

14. The Bananas//New Animals

15. Cheeky//Grow Fins, Turkey

16. Panic//Strength in Solitude

17. Descendents//Bikeage

18. Devo//Mongoloid

19. Fake Boys//Eat Leaves

20. Merchandise//I’m Still Right

21. The Ergs!//See Him Again

22. Foreign Objects//Fixed Failure

23. Jay Reatard//Greed, Money, Useless Children

24. Karen O and The Kids//Rumpus

25. Dear Landlord//Whiskey and Records

26. Misfits//Night of the Living Dead

27. Psyched to Die//Five Year Plan

28. Off With Their Heads//Shambles

29. Short Attention//You Suck

30. Paintbox//Cry Baby

31. Fleet Foxes//Your Protector

32. The Suicide File//Song for Tonight



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