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I wonder if fries come with that shake…

HELLO!  I am in a better mood today because ADVENTURE TIME is finally coming out!!! I’ve been so excited that I’ve been reading the production blogs all morning and flipping through storyboards.  It’s everything I could ever want in a cartoon.  Apparently it premiers March 10, 2010 but the promo just says 2010.  Check out these blogs for up to date Adventure Time art and News!

Adventure Time Art Blog

Frederator’s Adventure Time Blog

Anyways, on to some stuff made be me!

First up, NEW FLYER!!!!

January 17th, 2010 at the Slaughterhouse 5: Dolarhyde, Jettison, Fake Boys, Georgian.  Come out, support the scene, have fun!

These next drawings are stuff from this week in my sketchbook/pieces of paper I find on the floor:

Sit next to him already!

(wordpress is being a butt head today, so these pictures might not work.  I’ll try to fix them)

To leave you, here is the original Adventure Time pilot!  Enjoy!

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Gimme Sopor…

Sorry I haven’t updated in a month.  However, NEVER FEAR!  I am back with a new post and I plan on doing this daily after I gorge myself with turkey and mashed potatoes tomorrow.  Comics/albums/drawings/cool stuff that I like and expect you to do the same.  Anyways here’s a couple fliers for shows I did in November.  They were tons of fun and you should have went.

Expect more of those as more shows come around this area.  We are also booking shows in our basement, so keep an eye out for those too.

Here’s a mixtape I made for the fall.  Now that its almost winter WHAT BETTER TIME TO LISTEN TO IT?  It’s about being depressed because the winter is coming and the winter sucks.  For fans of: Hardcore/pop punk/indie/folk/garage lo fi bullshit

part 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?maejhnayyw2

part 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?nklddy5ky5o


1. Misfits//Halloween

2. AFI//Fall Children

3. The Measure [SA]//Hello Bastards

4. The Beach Boys//You’re So Good to Me

5. Short Attention//Double Deuce

6. Social Circkle//What’s So Great?

7. The Marked Men//Fortune

8. For Science//Hibernation

9. Black Flag//Depression

10. Billy Bragg//A New England

11. Dr. Dog//The Rabbit, The Bat, and The Reindeer

12. Fucked Up//Baiting

13. Deep Sleep//Let Go

14. The Bananas//New Animals

15. Cheeky//Grow Fins, Turkey

16. Panic//Strength in Solitude

17. Descendents//Bikeage

18. Devo//Mongoloid

19. Fake Boys//Eat Leaves

20. Merchandise//I’m Still Right

21. The Ergs!//See Him Again

22. Foreign Objects//Fixed Failure

23. Jay Reatard//Greed, Money, Useless Children

24. Karen O and The Kids//Rumpus

25. Dear Landlord//Whiskey and Records

26. Misfits//Night of the Living Dead

27. Psyched to Die//Five Year Plan

28. Off With Their Heads//Shambles

29. Short Attention//You Suck

30. Paintbox//Cry Baby

31. Fleet Foxes//Your Protector

32. The Suicide File//Song for Tonight



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Happy October, have fun listening to the Misfits all month like I am going to.  By the way, anything that doesn’t involve Danzig isn’t the Misfits.
Here’s some drawings that aren’t so bad!

Cardboard stuff!



I was supposed to be doing a shirt for this bike track in Manchester, The Velodrome, but I’m not really in New Boston much anymore and I haven’t been able to talk to the guy.  Also, I don’t really have any good ideas.  Here’s one:


Lastly, here is a monster that I drew.  I probably won’t do anything with it, but its fun.


Really lastly here is something fun I’m coloring.  CALIBOS, Lord of the Swamps.  Clash of the Titans, get into it.  I messed up though, he’s supposed to have hooves.  OH WELL.



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Post-summer bummer…

I have a whole bunch of drawings I’m going to dump on you right now, internet.  Hope you like them.  They are from this summer when I didn’t really update that much.  Now that I’m moved in (kinda) and the funsummer is over, expect more updates, more frequently.  I will be coloring and doing crazy things to a lot of these over the next few days, so expect to see them return.


First batch from The Independent, a bar where my friend DJ’s.  I just drew people and things instead of being social.  Story of my life.




Dj Tanner herself!


Next batch is from Dodge’s Store where I “work”




These next ones are from my trip to LA.  There’s some more I haven’t finished yet.



And here are some from Summer Camp this summer.



I think that’s all I’ll put up tonight.  I have some more recent ones that I’ll be putting up in the next two days.  Also, I have some stencils that the house has been making which are also fun.   And like I said before, I’m going to color a lotta these and try and turn them into something more finished.  STAY TUNED.

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Take a breather on the concrete…

HEY!  I just got a phone call that said please press “1” to hear a message about capitalism.  I found it very fitting because I’m starting a business endeavor in the next coming weeks.  Expect more information and something awesome by Labor Day.

Anyways, I’m currently designing a Tshirt for Billy Raygun, an incredibly awesome pop-punk band from Portsmouth, NH.  That’s Billy Raygun in case you aren’t listening.  Billy RaygunLISTEN.  Here are some sketches and drawings that I did in preparation.  I might use some of them that weren’t chosen for other things:





I did a more finished version of the one that was chosen (the kid blowing up planets with his eyeballs) and here’s the sketch and a version with halftone shading and text that I really like and hope they pick:



On an unrelated note, here are two really killer albums you should check out.  Buy them if you like them, or support the band some way.  The first is by Richmond’s Wasted Time.  It’s called Futility and it is rippingly fast.  If you are into stuff like Kill Your Idols, Out Cold, Slapshot, Negative FX, and just straightforward, fast, and hard hardcore then check this record out.  It’s put out by Grave Mistake Records, which should automatically tell you its awesome.

Download (not my upload)

The next one I want you to listen to is by Dear Landlord.  They play melodic/poppy punk rock in the vein of Dillinger Four, Off With Their Heads, and all that reeeaaalllll good shit.  I think they share members with Off With Their Heads even.  Anyways, this album, Dream Homes, is really well written and fun.  There’s good singalong parts, good lyrics, and catchy hooks.  CHECK IT OUT.

Download.  Again, not my upload.

Seriously though, go buy these if you like them and can afford it.  THEY PROBABLY NEED THE MONEY TO CONTINUE PLAYING MUSIC.

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Yesterday’s lunch…

I have to go to my soul crushing evil job soon, but I thought I’d update this.  I’m trying to update and draw more regularly, but coming home at 11 after slinging subs all day tends to take the piss out of you.

Everything is drawn on scraps of cardboard that used to have records that were shipped to me in them.  All done with Sharpie marker and these neat-o drawing pens I just got.  Also some white colored pencil for some awesome values.  Not the “be good to others” kind of values.  The lights and darks kind.  The scans aren’t the best because my scanner is tiny and cardboard pieces are large.  Bear with me.


I was watching “An Evening With Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder” and drew this nerd.  Some of his face is Kevin Smith.


This is my Teeveeeeeeeee


Two separate doodles that sort of work together.  DOGGIE HAND PUPPET?




This comes from a new phrase Zander is trying to make popular.  Strap guns to it.  I’m not sure it’ll catch on, but here’s a kitty!

That’s it! Bye!

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