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Your Heart is a Hemophiliac…



Open Mic Night for Apotheca in Goffstown.  Not sure if I ever uploaded this.  WHERE’S MY MONEY COREY? HMMM?

I may have already uploaded this one too.  NO CARE EVER.

This show was really awesome.  AND I really liked most of this flyer.

Definitely one of my favorites

Definitely NOT one of my favorites.  Tried something different, failed.

Sticker design that never got made.

Drawing for a Billy Raygun shirt D SOL and I did behind the rest of the bands’ backs.  Take that.

Here’s the finished product:

Ask me if you want one.  Hand screen printed on whatever you want.

Poster for WUNH’s Hi-Fi (weird star) Fest.  Colors are off because its a shitty JPEG.  If you want the real version lemme know.

Front and back (it’s a gatefold cover silly) of the upcoming Billy Raygun/Lipstick Homicide split.  Photograph of Sephie, my floor, and words all by me.  Help by D Sol.  Edited digitally with Photoshop.  Nothing is digital besides the black and white and halftone effects.  Pretty neat.

I also did the layout for the inserts and the labels on the vinyl, with Bill Pinkel providing the other set of art.  The release is a ‘reversible’ LP jacket with two entirely different covers on each side.  YOU choose which one you want to display!  SUCH POWER!!  Screen printed by Shout Out Loud and should be available June 14th.

That’s it for today.  I have been incredibly lazy/burned out since doing all this stuff.  We have some shows coming up, so expect more flyers.  I also have a finished first Boy Commander Rex comic I haven’t uploaded since it hasn’t been released.  The second one is getting started.

HEX DISPENSERS – My Love is a Bat (OFFICIAL VID) from Jon on Vimeo.


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Get your mind right…

Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry.

I am a poor excuse of a responsible ‘blog’ man.  I will try and update more regularly.



I’ve been thinking of doing a painting or a few of these kinds of drawings I keep doing.  I would actually use references though.  I think they could be interesting all big and colorful and texture-y.  We’ll see…

Here’s a page in my sketchbook thats just doodles!


I’ve been drawing a lot with, like, these BIC pens and I don’t know why.  I’m not particularly fond of the way they come out.  I think it has to do with how smooth they are and how I don’t need to sharpen them every five minutes.  I draw really heavy I think.  I need to find a happy medium between these and erasable pencils so I can make some “finished” things.

Here are some comic pages/panels I’m working on to prove that I’m actually going to do it:



There are 12 more pages like this I think.  I’m really going to try and finish it, but it’s been so long since the trip happened that making a comic doesn’t seem as funny as it once did.  So, we’ll see how it turns out.  I tried doing it all on my tiny sketchbook, but that was a dumb idea.  I’m going to sketch it all out in there, and then make it BIG.  Also, you can see that I really don’t have a story written in.  It’s more like I have a bunch of jumbled ideas that I believe will somehow come together and make sense in the end.

I want to start a weekly (at least, maybe BI-weekly!) comic about whatever is going on in my life or my head.  It will be sort of autobiographical.  However, I am lazy.  Hopefully you will see it soon, but knowing myself like I do, that doesn’t seem likely.

That’s it today, I hope I update tomorrow!

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I’m in the nuthouse…

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been away from computers and doing things because of my birthday.  I should have a couple ACTUAL things soon!  Like that t-shirt design for MUSO, another t-shirt for something else, and more…

Here’s some stuff for today!

For Ian, a boy adventurer with a wooden sword, latern, and magic pendant.  I forgot the latern, but the sword is totally spewing some purple magic fire shit.


I tried to make it all vintage-y and look like an old photo…a cartoon old photo…whatever….

maybe he’ll be a character in Boy Commander Rex?  I have a back story for him that I’ll tell you if you ask nicely.


Another Boy Commander Rex charcter possibility…


I’m not sure on a name for him yet.  Something clever like Ursa Major or something else involving being a bear.  This is a villain!  He is a super smart bear that taught himself science and even made a neat helmet to help him speak english and use tools like a man!  What a guy/bear!  BUT he is evil, and mad.  Not angry mad, insane mad science mad.  Maybe angry mad too, he is a bear.  Boy Commander Rex better watch out for this guy’s evil schemes!  I totally ripped off Gorilla Grodd for this idea.  Sorry DC.

I still owe some people some drawings, I haven’t forgot!  I am just lazy.  If anyone wants something designed/drawn for them whether it be for fun or for real, feel free to ask.  I often run out of good ideas and love assignments.

That’s it/More later!


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