Tom Lowell is an amateur graphic designer, illustrator, and screen printer.  He enjoys music, comic books, and drawing.


9 responses to “About

  1. Hey Tom-
    I’m enamored with your work. Well, I’m pretty enamored with you too.. but your work is beyond fabulous. I’m DAMNED proud that you are working so hard at this. Me thinks good things will come.. there is life beyond stupid jobs.. it will come.

    Beyond fabulous.


  2. I love your site. Keep it up !

  3. Andy Sills

    Hello tom.
    Love your work.
    I can’t get away from lo fi indie art like yours.
    I’m a graphic designer in canada.
    I’ve been doing a huge line up of posters for a band here, and I would love to use your work.

    could we talk prices?
    are you against that?
    please let me know.

  4. tomlowell

    Thanks Andy!

    Shoot me an email at baldtaco@hotmail.com

    Or give me an email to contact you at. I’d love to do something.

  5. Meg

    Hey Tom,
    The site looks better with every post. DO MORE ART. It’s amazing.


  6. Joey Rowell

    Could you do like really messed up art using pictures of things in photoshop? Like, I don’t know, give people weird faces and make them do weird things.

  7. tomlowell

    Yes. However depending on your skill with the program, and the quality of the source images, determines how realistic the edited image ends up.

  8. Joseph A. Mama

    Tom, you sound like a douchebag. “Spaceman hell bent on delivering joy throughout the cosmos.” Really? Jesus, you’re a moron.

  9. tomlowell


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