I haven’t updated in a while.  I have a TUMBLR that I update more often, but with more things other than silly drawings.  That can be found here:  Anyways, here is a whole lot of stuff.  I’ll update first with a bunch of sketches, and then maybe later with a lot of FINISHED stuff.  Or maybe I’ll do it all at once.  Here is my Moleskine pocket sketchbook in almost its entirety.  I picked it up somewhere iiiin Kansas City? and promised to sketch every day in it, which I totally didn’t do.  The first bunch are sketches from MO, AZ, NM, and CA and then the rest are from my new residence in Seattle, WA.  Enjoy!


Don’t take this or I’ll kick you in the dick.


After watching a LOT of Law and Order.


A conservatory in Roswell, NM and some directions somewhere because our GPS died MYSTERIOUSLY in Alien Town.


Soda fountain from Flagstaff, AZ and an octopus with some probable important information


My friend Chris Gaudette while he wasn’t paying attention, and a bum in Santa Barbara, CA


Random alien drawings that are stupid.  One is a cop or something.


Really terrible drawings somewhere in northern CA or OR. (OR OR)


Buncha heads floatin’ around and the record stores I visited on our trip across country.  GREEN NOISE IN PORTLAND IS THE BEST AND SINGLES GOING STEADY IN SEATTLE IS ALSO BEST.


Beer from a bar in Portland and ZORG from our hotel room in Kent WA which is a terrible place.


Bukowski portrait from a really depressing poetry book


Boy Commander Rex playing with an alien animal and directions somewhere


Creepy stuff!!


Brainstorming for stuff, but very poorly!


A magician and a guy with a tummy ache!


Human Centipede and some ideas for the New Warden album art I have pretty much completed


Phone guy on a bus


Creepy Boy Commander Rex


Dude dancin to some jamz





Drawing a lovely river and overhearing a bunch of drunk dudes looking for Peter.  They found him.  Also a fat cop lol.

That’s it for now.  I’ll post more later.



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Running into mirrors…

Here is the most recent thing I’ve worked on.  It’s going to be a one color stamp on shiny red vinyl.  Introducing Mikey Ergs “Fucifier” coming out on Bloated Kat records soon!

Check out a song from it here: “Chicago Pussy”


There should be a shirt featuring this design as well.  It includes a SECRET back design.  However, I don’t have a scanner yet so I can’t finish it!  Sucks to be me.

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Your Heart is a Hemophiliac…



Open Mic Night for Apotheca in Goffstown.  Not sure if I ever uploaded this.  WHERE’S MY MONEY COREY? HMMM?

I may have already uploaded this one too.  NO CARE EVER.

This show was really awesome.  AND I really liked most of this flyer.

Definitely one of my favorites

Definitely NOT one of my favorites.  Tried something different, failed.

Sticker design that never got made.

Drawing for a Billy Raygun shirt D SOL and I did behind the rest of the bands’ backs.  Take that.

Here’s the finished product:

Ask me if you want one.  Hand screen printed on whatever you want.

Poster for WUNH’s Hi-Fi (weird star) Fest.  Colors are off because its a shitty JPEG.  If you want the real version lemme know.

Front and back (it’s a gatefold cover silly) of the upcoming Billy Raygun/Lipstick Homicide split.  Photograph of Sephie, my floor, and words all by me.  Help by D Sol.  Edited digitally with Photoshop.  Nothing is digital besides the black and white and halftone effects.  Pretty neat.

I also did the layout for the inserts and the labels on the vinyl, with Bill Pinkel providing the other set of art.  The release is a ‘reversible’ LP jacket with two entirely different covers on each side.  YOU choose which one you want to display!  SUCH POWER!!  Screen printed by Shout Out Loud and should be available June 14th.

That’s it for today.  I have been incredibly lazy/burned out since doing all this stuff.  We have some shows coming up, so expect more flyers.  I also have a finished first Boy Commander Rex comic I haven’t uploaded since it hasn’t been released.  The second one is getting started.

HEX DISPENSERS – My Love is a Bat (OFFICIAL VID) from Jon on Vimeo.

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Dying on the inside…


Here is a whole lot of pictures.  Mostly doodles and dumb stuff.  You have been warned.

A more substantial update with flyers, shirts, and album arts is forthcoming.  I PROMISE.


Check out my blog for my radio show, CAT PARTY.  It has downloads/streams of old shows and full, generally out of print, albums for download.  LOOKEE:

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Couple things:

We had this show for Matt’s birthday the other day and I made the flyer.  It was really great and every band was tons of fun.  Check them out if you haven’t heard them!





Speaking of The Young Leaves, I also made this NEW TSHIRT!

Message them and figure out how to buy it!  I’m wearing it right now and its THE COMFIEST SHIRT EVER.  Also, it makes you look way cooler then you actually are.

Last note, check out this band featuring members of Cheeky/Used Kids/Seasick: BIG EYES

They are really good powerpoppy kinda rock n’ roll stuff.

See you never!

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Summertime, soak up the sunshine with you…



For all of you patiently waiting for me to blow your minds with a radical new mixtape for your summer drives, WAIT NO LONGER.  Just in time for the 4th of July comes 30 tracks of music to stick your arm out of the car window to and get a totally awesome half sunburn.  Everything on here is of the genre AWESOME (punk/indie/garage/lofi/surf/pop/wordsblahblahblah).  Totally check this out, brah.

Tracklist for you blindys:

1. Girls – Summertime

2. Night Birds – Killer Waves

3. Carbonas – September Gurls

4. Young Governor – Cindy’s Gonna Save Me

5. The Closet Fairies – Posi Summer Song

6. Jay Reatard – It Aint Gonna Save Me

7. Death – Rock n Roll Victim

8. Georgian – Man Warrior

9. Black Wine – Belong

10. Jonsi – Go Do

11. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Everything With You

12. Marvelous Darlings – I Don’t Wanna Go to the Party

13. The Measure (SA) – Roof Beers

14. The Marked Men – Whip Me

15. The Gaslight Anthem – Orphans

16. Maine Coons – Hey Dickhead

17. White Wires – Stayed Up Late

18. Busy Signals – Stereo

19. The Pillowfights – Buzz Buzz

20. The Exploding Hearts – Rumours in Town

21. Cults – Go Outside

22. The Nerves – Hanging On the Telephone

23. Shang-a-Lang – Summertime

24. P.S. Eliot – Bear Named Otis

25. Shook Ones – Silverfish

26. Harlem – Be Your Baby

27. Mean Jeans – Stoned to the Bone

28. The Shitty Limits – I’m a Square

29. Buzzcocks – No Reply

30. The King Kahn and BBQ Show – I’ll Be Loving You

Second:  speaking of The Pillowfights (they’re in the mix silly) they recently played this show at my house.  The flyer features BCR and Dr. Tiger looking quite dapper:

In case you were wondering, it was really awesome.  The Pillowfights and Smokejumper are both fan-fucking-tastic bands and the nicest people on Earth.  Do yourself a favor and check them out.

The Pillowfights! (the song Get Outta Here is seriously incredible)

Smokejumper! (Chris Crusher, good dude, owes us a new bench)

Some pics from it (it was a semi-formal by the way):

You missed out.

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